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  • LI100 Muki Bar

    Item #108740

    The MUKI BAR is the first manual ratcheted, multi-sized rebar bender.

    The Muki Bar is a multi-sized industrial ratcheted rebar bender. The Muki Bar head is on a 3/4 drive industrial ratchet with a 40 in handle. It is designed to bend 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" rebar. Stress tested to 1400 lbs without fail. No more awkward bending - the Muki Bar makes it easier to get the leverage you need to get the job done.

    Length: 40 inches
    Weight: 13.75 lbs
    Dimensions: 40in x 3in x 3in

    LI100 Muki Bar